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Eclipse's Eyrie

Adventures of the Coastie Gryph

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Greetings and hello to everyone out there in LJland and beyond! You've found the online hideout for James, James Scott, Jim, Spaider, Eclipse, OS1, or whatever else I happen to be called this particular day. I just be your above average gryphon nut who also happens to be in the US Coast Guard. (You didn't even know there WAS an "average" gryphon nut, did you?) I've been serving in the Guard since June of 1998, and in my time since I have sailed a tall ship in Connecticut, the EAGLE; was schooled in California to work with radios, computers and security systems; stood radio watch onboard the CONFIDENCE in Florida; was a Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator in Texas; and am currently back at school in California, this time as an Instructor/Class Advisor to future Operation Specialists in the Coast Guard.

Aside from that I am also the keeper of The Gryphon Pages, (check out that link above me) which I intend to be the largest repository of Gryphon info on the Net! I live with my dear friend kynekh_amagire and a small number of birds and dogs.

Also, I'm a gamer. I currently have a Wii, which I absolutely love, an Xbox 360, which I have a love-hate relationship with, a DSi, PSP, and a PS2.